I was the passenger in a car accident, but the driver's insurance company wants MY driver's licence & insurance? Is this normal?

I wasn't injured at all...so weird.
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How terrible would there be a 2006 nissan altima for an 18-year old?
I am on my mothers coverage right now because the principal driver of a 20 year old sports car also it costs 900 monthly. I was previously the principal driver of the 2002 honda rio sedan that was small and it cost about 700 monthly. Just how much might it be easily am currently the 2006 nissan altima's principal driver? Furthermore just how much could the insurance for the actual car be? My mommy pushes an 06 taurus so i'm betting around that cost and he or she gives 800?"
Is medical care in america inexpensive to everyone?
If not, then how come numerous individuals opposed to free universal healthcare like in England, British, etc? Exactly how many of you'll be able to spend $100 doctor trips or (lord forbid) $500,000 procedures, not rising pricey solutions?"
"In colorado, im 16 could have my permit soon. When i have permit, am i automatically protected?"
And so I stay with our roommate and my mother. my mother doesnt drive. Dad drives and thus does our roommate. I wish to drive with simply my mothers roommate which i live with too although my father will sign enabling me to have a permit. Is it feasible then i can only travel with my roomate that i reside with and that I could simply get dad for me personally to own my permit to indicator? Or would i have to only drive with my father because he is the one signing? And also am i automatically protected under my insurance having a permit and when i get my certificate, I have to get insurance? Or do I must have insurance for myself while i have my permit as well?"
Cheap Motor Insurance Help.?
I'm an 18 year old boy and also have recently approved my driving exam, i am exploring for vehicles nevertheless the insurance is just a scam, the least expensive i have had is 5000. Everyone understand what cars are inexpensive to guarantee and what insurance providers are cheap for young new drivers?"
Ways to get Homeowners insurance after bankruptcy?
Only answers that are serious please. State: CT (Fairfield County) Need homeowners insurance for property. Lowered to make late fee. Have residence over 15 years rather than made any states. Recently filed bankruptcy. Require insurance asap. Any kind of insurance insurers as of late that count more on states record than on credit? This is very first time I have actually been decreased."
When do you have to get your health insurance? ?
18 wills soon turn and you will start faculty in the slide. I have im and a medical card under my moms health plan /insurance. However when do i branch down to get my insurance/approach??
Whats the common motorcycle insurance cost for an 18-year old man?
Whats the common motorcycle insurance cost for an 18-year old guy?
Do I need to utilize an insurance brokerage to purchase company insurance?
Irun a little separate store, and need business insurance. Does anybody present this direct like motor and home, or do I've to use a consultant specialist?"
Which organizations do temporary motor insurance for under 21 year olds?
Everyone i discover needs you to be more than 21. Is there a company that give me short-term insurance? I am Cheers that are 18 years old
"Rearended, bent frame, does my car be replaced by insurance?"
Our framework was bent actually out-of design in an extremely dumb rear ender in a ramp. The lady who struck on me had insurance. My auto can't also push directly without the controls being fought by me. May insurance cover a replacement's cost? Our car generally is 6 weeks previous, has 649 miles about it. How horrible is that?"
Who is the least expensive automobile insurance provider in FL?
Who's the lowest priced auto insurance carrier in FL?
About how much does it insure a sole-proprietorship and charge to attachment pressurewashing enterprise?
About how much does it insure a sole-proprietorship and charge to attachment pressure-washing enterprise?
How do I get my car insurance quotes down?
i have simply transferred my driving test for a full license in the UK, I'm 18, male and after looking at a number of different sites (some contrast ones plus some direct kinds) i have discovered that for what is regarded an excellent first automobile (a maximum of a 1.2 motor) i am apt to be spending the the least 4000! And this is just for third-party and robbery. If there is in whatever way I will understand this range down., I'm wondering Could anybody recommend an excellent insurance company or something such as the pass plus that will decrease it with a sensible sum? Or possibly a particular vehicle that is typically cheaper than others. any help could be appreciated!"
Having a hard time to locate affordable health insurance?
I simply need a simple surgery on my ears. Of a year-ago I created a keloid on both ears. I know they could get bigger and so I want to get before it appears like a grape behind my hearing, it fixed. In finding affordable health insurance, my biggest problem is. Can anybody tell a great website to visit for affordable health insurance to me? All answers could be appreciated."
What insurance company is better for self-employment health insurance?
I'm thinking about becoming self-employed. What business provides the greatest insurance coverage for selfemployed people?
"Easily already needed traffic institution for it when getting a car insurance quote, is a racing ticket disclosed by me?"
I had a speeding ticket, nevertheless the judge decreased my quotation to 99mph so I could take traffic school. I'm getting an insurance price from progressive.com plus they need me to offer info on tickets I've acquired within the last 36 months. Do I tell them about my speeding ticket, since from being put into my driving record traffic school is meant to prevent a point? I've already finished my traffic faculty and I live-in California."
"I acquired a traffic offense (65 in a 60 MPH sector) in California, may my insurance rise?"
My first ticket, slight traffic misdemeanor. I am 20. Furthermore, what's a defferal and just how much does it charge?"
Just how much could a 1 thousand bucks liability plan cost-per month for a fear transfer corporation?
Im beginning a hotshot trucking transport firm that is small. I need to understand how much I will be surely cost by A1 or 2 million-dollar policy each month. Or what sort of Insurance I'd require. I'll be transporting oil-field gear, automobiles, pipe, tanks, atmosphere followers, generators, things like that."
Full tort or limited tort... Is it worth it to invest the additional 15% to have complete tort car insurance?
I am 21 tomorrow, and getting my new car. I'm searching for auto insurance. It appears basically get limited tort as opposed to whole tort like I really could save about 15% on my motor insurance. By merely acquiring tort what do I risk? Is it worth the money?"
Car-insurance is very expensive or hardly superior?
Auto insurance is hardly superior or extremely expensive?
What's the CHEAPEST car insurance anybody can find for a 17 year old man!?
i no this can be a problem for all my age but I - can simply locate quotes for 3000, i dont need any answers expressing that is the lowest priced or things like that, i no now some idiot may today ive said it, but there's a way i just cant find it!!"
Basically have evidence of insurance but operating a PAL's automobile whonot have insurance...?
May I get yourself a solution for not having insurance? For not having proof insurance I was pulled over while operating a friend's vehicle and acquired a ticket. I'd evidence of insurance for my vehicle within my wallet, and it was shown by me to the policeman. He said there would have to be evidence of insurance for the vehicle I used to be operating aswell. If this is accurate, anyone know? I'm in Washington State for your file."
May insurance boost my car insurance and nevertheless able to see my previous admission record?
I obtained solution. The great was settled by me and went to traffic school. Just two nights before, i got a ticket for racing (48 at a 35 control). 1) can I still in a position to go to traffic institution for this ticket? (I'm in California, my friend said we are allowed to consider traffic school whether it's over 18 weeks since the last citation, is this correct)? 2) i examine some google answer on motor insurance and someone says the insurance provider may still in a position to watch the prior citation and improve the car insurance if we obtain the second quotation within 3 years of the very first one. The idea will be unveiled for insurance company to see. Is that this true? 3) if it is accurate, does which means that even when i'm able to go to traffic school for my second citation, the insurance carrier can still boost car insurance for my 1st citation?"
"Can You Give Me for Locating Low Priced California Medical Care Insurance, Any strategies?"
Can You Give Me for Finding Inexpensive California Medical Care Insurance Any Tips?"
What is an excellent motor insurance for teenager drivers?
My auto insurance just keeps going up or over, and my child is likely to drive in per month and I can't afford it. Simply let me know of the inexpensive and good car insurance if you've it please inform me the way you like it, and knowing of just one, cheers!"
I was the passenger in a car accident, but the driver's insurance company wants MY driver's licence & insurance? Is this normal?
I wasn't injured at all...so weird.
I might suggest that you try this internet site where you can compare rates from the best companies: http://INSUREQUOTE.INFO
How much is insurance on a 05-06 chrysler 300c?
I want to spend income for it (around $8,000) and since I have will simply be 17, it will nevertheless be under my parents title though I am spending money on it. Can I go along with full-coverage or liability, and the way much would each charge?"
What's the lowest priced motor insurance in Florida?
I wand to understand what is the least expensive motor insurance in tampa FL this can be my first auto insurance and i am 23 what's the avrage for folks in my own same-age buy thier insuranse and that I have a clear report the vehicle is going to be Acura 2.2 CL 1997 2doors
Funtions of property insurance?
What're functions of house insurance?
NJ Average auto insurance for a 17-year old?
i am looking at purchasing a 2001 Oldsmobile Bravada and that I was wondering what individuals assume i would be spending money on motor insurance, I've tried the insurance quote websites but as im 16 (practically 17) they don't permit me to continue. i appreciate your help! i handed my examination having a 90 and took a type with the teacher i also Obtain A-N grades (justincase that assists)"
"I've experience in the insurance sector, today im wondering what occupation I could apply for?
I worked at an insurance company as being a medical event supervisor. We were a 3rd-party business. Used to do telephone interviews with persons applying for several for individual insurance...show more
A sensible method for the full time college-student to generate money.?
This pupil is really a 20 device UCLA Law major who needs income but cannot even work a component-time task. Without inculding college debt, this student wants 1.5k each month(lease, vehicle, fuel, food, insurance, tools). A part-moment minute-income task isn't an alternative because of $400 and class weight -$500 isn't worthlessness negitive effects on efficiency. Thus, I'm requesting from the package ideas. No get yourself a job or Spend less money. These have been considered and performed."
Why-don't health insurance companies compete on value like auto insurance organizations?
I had been watching TV (something I rarely do) this weekend, and that I noticed a fair variety of motor insurance ads from different firms. These touted their high-level of assistance and reduced prices, and urging shoppers move and to research for their organization. The reason this doesn't may actually occur with medical health insurance? Is it since businesses, rather than the people that are actual insured, shop for insurance in many cases? Is it since automobile insurers are allowed to compete more readily across state boundaries? Would be the expectations that are basic diverse when it comes to health insurance? Does opposition currently occur in the medical health insurance sector nevertheless the product is not really much more cheap it doesn't matter what? Serious responses appreciated. Cheers."
Does anyone besides myself believe that hair transplant surgery should be included in healthinsurance?
I am a 24-year old male affected by male that is rapid -pattern hair thinning. My hair began falling-out approximately ages 18-20, and despite constantly having a great deal of center, will power,...display more"
Which insurance carrier provides the best rates for motor insurance?
For starters with a licence that is G2, without any insurance heritage whatsoever"
What'll be the insurance over a Mitsubishi Evolution IX MR at age 21?
Without incidents or something previously etc
How to fine finest insurance companies?
How-to good best insurance firms?
Are cars more costly exactly why and to guarantee?
Are vehicles more expensive exactly why and to insure?
What would my monthly insurance be?
For a - -'07 Cobalt coupe -'08 tiburon -'04 ford mustang I'd like one of these brilliant but i'll be spending money on my insurance so I'd want to have a notion about what it'd be considered a month...any help is appreciated:)
"I am leaving for Mexico, what sort of automobile insurance do I would like and where could I have it?
Planning to mexico for my birthday. I have a 2004 toyota corola and I wo n't be covered by my insurer down there...any help could be good
Teen motor insurance (I WOULD LIKE HELP LEARN!!!)?
I'm 16-year old and i want to get a car insurance for on my own plan distinct from my parent simply how much wouldn't it charge if my vehicle was a 2005 Ford Mustand Gt and i was leasing it out.
Inexpensive car insurance in the united states on an English drivers permit?
Presently residing in LA, have bought a vehicle which can be protected at this time through my partner. Per month, receiving $300!! To me only having a UK permit, due, even though I adjust to US license the price simply precipitates $20-- all insight appreciated. Many thanks"
"Im 19 Before buying insurance, my vehicle, down-payment?"
Ok and so Iam gonna fund a truck next week with 2,000 down is that too much? Monthly, 377! I'm 19. I produce 2,000 per month, level pay 250 forrent I dwell with my prents so INCH,750 are for me personally(: my task is fifteen minutes away (: Anyhow do insurance is needed by me too take the automobile household? May I get it later? it was $200 plus I expected with insurance for an on the cellphone quote plus they need upfront for your first month that is approach to much! Would these $200 a month godown? And is whole address needed by me about the truck I'd obtain? I never had a collision never had something or a solution my certificate is clear I got it about 9 weeks ago! Can I fit the insurance under the name of another person? Like my father? Or what can I-do? It's a 2004 silverado 2door that is v8! They mentioned I want insurance with 500 deductible what does which means that?"
"Can a-car insurance company sue you if you would like to stop mid-term?"
For if any could what factors if you decide to cancel your vehicle insurance midterm, they have to prosecute you?"
Florida insurance provider that can insure a shake roof?
Does anyone know of an insurance company that may ensure a home with a shake roof. Now we are 3 weeks out-of closing escrow and we place a present in on the property in Big Bear CA and need to uncover an insurance company that may guarantee it for the near of escrow??? PLEEEEEASSSSSE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Service prices for Car Insurance?
Other vehicles from your insurance company do not have this, although one of many quotes has +service charge although I am getting estimated for auto insurance. Why could auto insurance have a service cost? Is that this a point that is normal? And when so is it normaly? I am assuming its a % of the offer... Cheers."
Young adult health insurance?
Young adult kid cannot find work, not in school, doesn't have medical health insurance - any suggestions?"
May an insurance carrier pull my car and purchase off?
Some construction firm struck on my car. The estimate fix is they said if planning to tow my auto and give me what they consider may be worth, they are able to both publish me a check of. can an insure do that? Can not they simply restore my auto and give me a rental till i have it repaired? what must I do the crash happened 6/26/13"
Touring medical care insurance prices?
Howmuch do basically'm touring to Barbados on a trip health care insurance from Toronto, I've to pay for medical insurance."
Howmuch can I assume my auto insurance to go up?
For planning 60mph in a school-zone I was recently stopped by way of a police and published a $239 ticket. The DMV only sent a notice to me that I advised me to attend an eight hour driveris enhancement class and have gotten six things on my certificate. I am seventeen. Just how much must I assume my insurance prices to increase?"
What do I really do together with the refused medical insurance benefits California?
Denied by Blue Cross Shield/
I was the passenger in a car accident, but the driver's insurance company wants MY driver's licence & insurance? Is this normal?
I wasn't injured at all...so weird.
I might suggest that you try this internet site where you can compare rates from the best companies: http://INSUREQUOTE.INFO