How to Choose the Best Color Contact Lenses

    Buchanan Bain
    By Buchanan Bain

    Decided to change your eye color with colored contacts and do not know which ones to select? Find out what the colour contacts marketplace has to offer and which lenses will make your eyes look most striking and lovely.
    Color contact lens kinds
    Each type has its benefits and pitfalls.
    To begin with, they're slimmer so the lens lets more oxygen to your own retina. Second, protein build-ups are less of a issue with disposable contact lenses - it doesn't have enough time to accumulate. And third, if you replace your contact lenses frequently, the probability of bacterial disease is much less. So from the health point of view, disposable color contacts such as Freshlook or Acuvue 2 Colors are better. Disposable colour lenses are especially recommended if you would like to use your color contacts daily for more than 8 hours.
    On the flip side, the best annual replacement colour contact lenses are hand painted, whereas all of disposable contacts are printed. For a color contact it is very important not only to supply you with a brilliant vibrant color, but also to seem natural. When you look very closely at your eyes, then you will see your iris isn't a good color but has various colours and patterns. Some people have a starburst pattern, while some have little beams of yellow or black in a blue or green iris. These patterns and colours give your eyes a feeling of depth. Hand painted lenses, like Durasoft 2, comprise subtle details and diverse colors. This helps to simulate thickness and gives your eyes a very natural appearance.
    As you can imagine, hand-painted colour contacts are more difficult to produce, so they're more costly. is actually the reason they do not arrive as monthly disposables - very few people would pay 50 dollars or more for colour contacts which only last a month!

    Best color contacts for dark eyes

    If you eyes are dark brown, blue or green your only option is opaque contact lenses.
    Enhancement color lenses will only disappoint you.
    The top choices for dark eyes are:

    Freshlook Colorblends - opaque, monthly disposable lenses with bright, brilliant color and natural appearing patterns. The most popular shades are Amethyst, Blue Sapphire and Green
    Acuvue 2 Colors Opaque - two week disposable color lenses that create soft looking colour
    Durasoft 2 and Durasoft 3 Opaques - stunningly vivid, yet natural looking, colour. Durasoft is a hand-painted yearly replacement contact lens. Durasoft 3 seems best, but it's expensive
    Illusions - additionally yearly replacement, hand-painted shade connections. For a soft, light color selected Soft Green of Soft Blue. If you want a striking color, go for Violet, Deep Blue or Deep Green
    In case your skin and eyes are dark, be careful to not find a color that is quite light. Light blue or green eyes will not look natural with bronze skin.
    Best color contacts for light eyes
    If your eyes are mild, you can wear both opaque and enhancer color contact lenses. To change your color pick opaque contacts, because green buds over blue eyes, or vice versa, can give unpredictable outcome.
    Recommended color connections for light eyes:
    Freshlook Dimensions - monthly disposable contacts which don't change your natural colour, but add depth and make your eyes look larger
    Freshlook Radiance - also monthly disposables, making your eyes appear bright and sparkling. The Radiance effect is actually striking.
    Durasoft 2 for light eyes - annual replacement shade lenses. The lens looks quite natural because of the carefully painted pattern and mix of colors. You are able to get Aquamarine, Sky Blue, Jade Green, Violet Blue
    Illusions Soft Blue and Soft Green - neutral yearly replacement colour lenses which create beautiful, very light, natural looking colour.
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